2020 - 2021

In an Icy land of ruins, a human being and a polar bear are meeting in an encounter of surviving the Anthropocene Era. “An Ice Thing to Say” blends Ice installation, music and physical theatre to explore our impact on nature. Drawing on inspiration from Erich Fromm's book 'To Have or to Be?' and Ecoscenography, we invite the audience into a multi sensory experience of our inner and outer icy landscapes. We attempt to challenge the idea that the human being is at the centre of the world and we attempt to construct an embodied inquire into 'what has gone wrong?'

Creatives of Online Digital Version

Devised and Performed by: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, Stella Evangelia, Mayra Stergiou

Concept / Direction/ Scenography: Mayra Stergiou

Sound Designer: Gregory Emfietzis

Co-Scenography / Art Consultant: Elisabeth Leau
Mask Maker: Stella Evangelia
Voice/Singing: Myrto Loulaki

Filming/ Editing: Theo Prodromidis
Production: Vertebra Theatre

Presented by: Cockpit Theatre, Talos Science Fiction Theatre Festival


'Outstanding Show' Fringe Review


'Superbly executed, with a well-honed precision perfect for the piece' 

A Younger Theatre