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2014 - 2019

People say your whole life flashes in front of your eyes before you die but what happens when you have dementia? Where does the brain go before we die? Alfi, an elder astrophysicist with dementia guides us into his universe, a world of star constellations. Dark Matter theory and black holes merge in a race against the clock to distinguish fantasy from reality and discover meaning.


Puppeteers: Adam Courting, Daniel Finn, Doug Router, Aurora Adams, Alicia Britt, Jennie Rawling 

Performers: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, Sofia Calmicova


Conceived/Directed: Mayra Stergiou

Writers: Eirini Dermitzaki & Mayra Stergiou

Music Composer: Gregory Emfietzis

Puppet Maker: Kelly Frost

Dramaturg: Tilly Lunken

Set Design: Stella Evangelia, Mayra Stergiou

Past RnD Puppeteers/Performers/Devisors: Almudena Adalia Calvo, Daniel Moseley, Sussie Fairbrother, Cecile Dumont, Paula Siu, Outside Puppets Collective

Dementia Consultant: Prof. Sebastian Crutch

End of Life Consultant: Prof. Bee Wee

Co-Production by: Vertebra Theatre

Tristan Bates Theatre, Little Angel Theatre, Omnibus Theatre, Greenside Venues, Rialto (Brighton), Frilagret (Gothenburg), Voila Europe, Edinburg Fringe Festival


'Beautifully done' Fringe Review 


'Beautiful visualisations' FringeGuru 


'Wonderful Production' LondonTheatre1 


'Excellent production' Southside Advertiser


'The joy of this piece is the rarity of its exploration' The Upcoming


'Mesmerising' In Covent Garden

''Those eyes will stay with me for a long time.​'' 

The British Theatre Guide ​

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