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Electra: Untitled, is a Physical Theatre adaptation of the myth of Electra as seen in the Greek tragedy Electra by Sophocles and J.P. Sartre’s Flies. Physical movement and visual storytelling, reconstruct her story which she owns through the lens of female empowerment. Electra becomes a modern antihero; tangled in violence that runs for generations of patriarchal suppression, she looks for a way out, and sees revenge as her only salvation. 

Three performers/dancers share a work in progress retell the Myth and address Electra’s tragedy to its core, freed from means of attachment and biases of the past. Electra: Untitled adds a modern twist to an old narrative and brings forward the role of women who provoke change in times of hostility and dissolution. The research process for this project uses the framework of the world renowned director Theodoros Terzopoulos’ Method with the facilitation of Savvas Stroumpos of Zero Point Theatre in Athens, Greece, and aims to tour in 2022-2023 engaging communities of women from diverse cultures. 

The performance is currently part of Resolution Festival at The Place, London on 26/05 at 7.30pm

Booking link:

Resolution Festival 2022 | The Place

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