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adapted by Mayra Stergiou

Orpheus and Eurydice is a dark comedy adaptation of the greek myth. 20 years after Orpheus descended to the underworld he has forgot why he is there. Him and his lover, Eurydice, live inside a coffin. They wake up, they drink tea, they read the news, they water the plants and they go to sleep. Day after after day they repeat the same sequence until one evening Orpheus' memory slowly comes back and this will change everything...

Devised and Performed by:

Peter Burke as Orpheus

Niki Karali as Eurydice

Carlos Lourenzo as Hades

Amelie Murdock as Persephone

Live Music by: Robin Holloway

Concept/Direction/Scenography by: Mayra Stergiou

Assistant Director: Carla Espinoza

Assistant Set Designer: Elizabeth Grace Jonson 

Photo Credit: Alexandra Krassa

Venue: 3 Miles Studios, London, LISPA

(graduates show) 

Orpheus and Eurydice: Feature
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